Well, well… I’m so excited to present you my song “Prospect”. A seriously special song for me, because that’s a prayer. Yep! I’m not afraid to admit it. I’m really happy that I finally I wrote a song which sail for my mind for a log, long time.
Anyway… I think that I had a debt with the great Wayne Dyer, who taught me to see the life with merciful eyes. Inspired by his path to find God in every simple act, I wrote this country/rock prayer with no particular religion point of view. Only with a pure feeling of devotion and love for the universal conscience.
You know I’m a trascendentalist who is a motivational speaker and writer besides singer. And I have a remarkable beliefs in free spirituality and respect for all kind of religions. I never met dr. Dyer, but I consider him my teacher. I’ve read every single word in his books. If my idolized boss Bruce is my example to be an honest artist; Wayne is the one who inspire me to be a better human.
Therefore, walking my own path as a believer in music and kindness, I wrote my new song which’s the preview of the next album I’m working in.
I hope all these words and sound it can bring you good and peaceful vibes.

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