Recording for 2021

Hi there believers! To say a great goodbye to this year and celebrate the next one, last monday I was in RADISH Studio(pic) recording the lead vocals and performing the last details to my new song that will be released in January 2021.
A couple months ago I had the great luck to release “Prospect“. One of my favourites songs I wrote and I recorded ever.
In “Prospect” I had the gift of include wonderful guitar lines perfectly performed by my great and admired friend Xavi Perez. And it was so amazing experience that now we repeat this collaboration in my new song. You can’t imagine how impressive are this new guitars there.
We’ve ve made the most this difficult year, recording and writing new music, and we can’t wait to show you all ASAP.
Hoping all this global madness pass, we’re preparing new gigs and tour…if finally we can step on the stage once and for all🤦‍♂️
Anyway… which is for sure, in some weeks you’ll have a new Ian Lints’s song riding the radiowaves worldwide.


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