A piece of artwork

I consider my music in the same way as an opus like those that were written at times of the Greek epics. Each simple piece constituting part of my songs has a very thoughtful reason and a deep meaning. I don’t write songs to take up a merely space on a record. They all have a vital importance and a message, direct or underneath.
That’s why my artwork design, my lyrics and every detail I put into my songs are always related. They are also lyrics and artwork with a special meaning and that I consider important to me.
So, this is why I’m happy and excited to present you this beauty. My new lyric book with all the words from my album Rock As You…. But with a touch of art, elegance & style.
An artwork book carefully designed and illustrated with some of my drawings about the meaning of each song. Plus a personal comment abou the story behind every lyric. This is more than a panflet with words. Is piece of art. I’m feel proud of this work which took me a lot of time until I reach the idea in my mind.
As in a book of poetry, where each rhyme hides a wisp of magic related to the previous one, I have tried to compile in this book the meaning and magic of the songs on my album Rock As You. Which has marked a very important before and after in my artistic career.
A very large part of my very own soul, my experiences of life and my spiritual concept of life are deposited in this book. It’s my hope that it inspires you, serves as a guide when you listen to my songs, and makes your day so much happier.
If you like it, you can find it in πŸ‘‰ Amazon. Or click on the merch section of my main menu and it will lead you there.
Thank you, once again, for being a believer.
Be rock! Be resistance! Be a believer! πŸŽΈπŸ“ΏπŸ™


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