My Storytelling

Writing my lyric book “Rock As You“, a lot of new ideas came to my mind to expose the meaning of my songs and my work. More I worked in the book, even more I was growing up to the thought of explain why I wrote the songs I wrote.
Is not a secret that I’ve always been more writer than a merely musician. And therefore, my lyrics are definitely a remarkable part of my work. My songs has a sense since I say what I say in them. Otherwise, they would just be melodically grouped sounds only.
Behind every song there’s an story. Sometimes a naive story with a great emotional and spiritual load. But other times, they have a thrilling and amazing story behind. Something I lived or someone I know they lived.
But I’m not a ditty writer in any case. Most of my songs are meditated, deleted, wrote again and changed a lot of times. Until I find what I want to say. And want I want to say is want I want to say, for real.
Even when I play covers I do for a reason. The merely fact that I like a song is not enough reason for me to recording. It must to represent something special for me.
That’s why a thought was flying over my mind as I was writing and designing my lyric book. And this is to create a personal connection with you through a kind of way to tell you more about my music and its meaning. Just something as my book, but more homey; informal.
In terms you know me better, I’ve add a new section in my YouTube channel. My Storytelling. An encounter place where I’ll explain about my music and its meaning. About the experiences and stories behind my songs. And the music influences which took me to play in the way and style I do.
Here below, I attach the first video I’ve done at home. You can watch it in my channel too. I’m not a camera man precisely, but I’m working to do my best. Hope do you like it.
Thank you, once again, for being a believer.
Be rock! Be resistance! Be a believer! πŸŽΈπŸ“ΏπŸ™

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