Saturday Night

That’s the name of my new single released. In a few days you’ll can listen in all music platforms worldwide and enjoy with the new lyric video.
What can I say? I’m excited again with this song. As usual, americana music and heartland sound is the most important part of the song. But there’s some pop details in some parts of the tune though.
Saturday Night is a song abut nostalgia. The longing of a far youth. The story about a man remembering a night of freedom in some place lost in some distant point in the american east coast.
The couple in this song leave and ran away from school and home to love each other, feel free, happy and dance under the moon in the beach. Now that time passed on, the man ask himself if they could do it again.
Saturday Night it’s a claim that youth is not a merely number to waste when you grow up, but a way of thinking and feeling whole life. And is an invitation to sing, dance and release the young person that you have inside. Whichever’s your age or condition.
I hope you’ll sing belt out with me in the gigs. This new 2024 we’ll be even more rebel and free than ever. ‘Cause we’re tribe. ‘Cause we are Rock! ‘Cause we’re young…. forever!
Be rock! Be resistance! Be a believer! πŸŽΈπŸ“ΏπŸ™

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