New song

Next 27th September it will be released in ALL digital platforms worldwide my new song “Running on a highway“. And that’s a very, very special song. Let me explain you why.

You know my trend to write rock and folk/rock songs with a clearly social or spiritual influence. I must to assume that my soul is concerned about life, feelings, and troubles all around the world most of the time. And all this things they have a remarkable place in my heart.

Therefore, when I read this story about these bikers driving from one state to another and helping children in need to have a better life; collecting money, medicines and everything necessary so that the little ones could lead a dignified life I felt the spark in my heart which told me: You must to write about this… now!

It was the way “Running on a highway” born.  These apostles of the road break the false and aggressive image of the bikers, and show the world the truth of a people who bring hope to the world. No matter races, creeds, religion or country. The motorbike, the peace, the kindness and the rock are the only beliefs. And I love it!

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