In spite all uncosy troubles which we’re living for blame of pandemic times. In spite restrictions and exhaustive controls we should pass to assit and enjoy culture; this summer was a great season of gigs. Me and the band we performed a lot of great gigs playing our sound.
I must to say that people was really, really committed and so much participatory. And it makes me so much happy.
They were a few local gigs only. This year (just as the last) we can’t travel out yet. But they were wonderful anyway. To see how much people sing and enjoy overcoming all this situation is awsome.
Everybody wants to get free of bad vibes and depressing news that only makes us feel even worse. Therefore I think they value much more than ever our work, our music and our effort to do all the best we can above the stage. Last time, 3h of non-stop rock! Yeap boss, I’m following your trace, hahaha. Thanks for being part of this wonderful tribe, believers!

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