Jump to dance

When you are a young musician (especially if you were raised in the 80’s) all you professional career is just a kind of fight to underline your identity. You defend a kind of music, an style, and a unique way to perform music, thinking that you have the absolute truth, and thinking that other ones they are wrong, or that the other music styles are not worthy enough for you.
I think it’s quiet similar to what the great writer Wayne W. Dyer called the dawn of life. When you think the whole world moves around you. But it’s only a dream. Just a mirage. Because when you arrive to sunset of your life, you simply understand that there’s not only one way to make things. And there’s so many different ways in which you can do something good.
The simple question you must to do yourself is; which passion, which love, and what kind of intention I have in my acts and decissions. And if the answer is to create something good, honest, with a quality grade, and enable to get better the life of the other ones; believe me. You nailed it!
I’ve been experimenting for a few years now with some other music styles. Trying not to fall in the dictatorship of my own preferences. And this way of thinking opened my mind and my music to be a better artist.
I would say much more. I would say that even this has made me appreciate even more my favorite style of music, which is Heartland rock. And that to do one thing, I don’t need to leave the other one.
I’m a rock man. And I will carry on performing and recording most of my works in my real, favorite, and deepest music style. But this doesn’t mean that I’m closed to other styles and projects.
Close the city where I live, there’s a beautiful pub where I play often. And when I finish my show, usually, they start a dance session night. And the master of ceremonies is the great producer and DJ; Alf Lafrench. He’s a good friend of mine and a very good artist, who is a real mad one with all kind of music.
We were talking about to work together in a new project. I had some country versions getting bored in my folder that I didn’t really know how to work. So, I sent him, and he decided to work in the great Buck Owens‘s country song “Streets of Bakersfield“.
The final result in this opposite collaboration, is a killer disco/funk/house/clubmix/country song, which I’m very proud of. My friend Alf reveals himself as a great producer. And this is a new exciting experience in my career.
As an anecdote, I can say that the clip is quiet peculiar. All this work catched me in the middle of social confinement we’re living this days. And my resources in my current home precisily this year are so limitated.
Therefore with a very, very improvised resources I recorded myself a confined video made with a €80 phone, a teddy bear-patterned lamp and a green sheet. Funny…so funny.

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