A life lesson

This man who you can see beside me on the stage, he is not only a brilliant guitar player and a very important part of my band. Just as me, he shines in several fields beyond music. He’s a great a photographer, a philosopher and a yoga teacher.
He come back from his studies in India some months ago precisely, just before all this madness with that virus was a global paranoia.
But one of the things I didn’t know yet, was that he is a great writer too. And I discovered that hidden face a few hours ago, just when I finished reading his new book La Muerte y el Chamán (The death and the shaman) in spanish language by now. But very soon in english too, don’t worry.
It’s not a lengthy book certainly. Seven short chapters, as seven are the stairs which up to heaven. But I can swear that you’ll find worthy every single word you’ll read in.
To get started, that book is a non fictional one. Is a real, sad, and wonderful story that Cesc and his family lived in their own experience. But that experience, which you can find in a lot of other ones lifes everyday; haves with them an important life lesson to teach us.
Cesc, who is an spiritual being in search of his own truth, He explains in his book, the mysterious and wonderful encounter with a shaman, that curiously, instead of coming from the distant jungles of the far Amazon, he came directly from the modern Scotland, enjoying some vacation in Salou.
Cesc’s mothers was so ill in the hospital that days, and this unexpected encounter will change the perception of reality and beliefs that Cesc and his family were living for all their lives.
And believe me; it will change that perception of you too. The way in which he explains every detail of this chaotic days where someone other else would have lost their sanity, is in his experience, a teaching to live. To live and to let go these ones that you most love with all your heart.
Stunning and awesome experiences, living side by side with the most hard quotidian reality drives your mind through a clear and deep emotional trip. After after which you will not be the same person. As Cesc and his family neither were they.
In a world full of selfishness, rush, and lack of empathy, La muerte y el chamán (The death and the shaman) teach us the most important lesson of all. That mankind we’re one unique family in the universe, and this family never dies. Because every single act of love of our lives, remain in the heart of others, becoming immortal those loved ones we save in our hearts.
And all this great real lesson, in only seven chapters. That’s brilliant my friend. So brilliant!!! Thanks so much!


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