My world in a mug

It’s interesting to check how a simple sentence it can save a lot of personal and deep convictions and beliefs. Anyway, most of you already know that my slogan is “I’m a believer”. Because I’m a person with a lot of humanistic beliefs. And a lot of spiritual beliefs too.
How I explain in my book “The melody of life” (available only in spanish language, by now) I really, really belief in the human soul as a way to build a better world. And I believe in the music as a tool to expand good thoughts, peaceful ideas, and feelings of harmony among our society.
I am aware of the difficult thing it is. A lost battle in many ways sometimes. But, what can I say? I’m a believer. And my beliefs go beyond religions and creeds, as you know. I believe in kind, honest, peaceful and spiritual people. And I hope all this shaken times we are living lately it would be a new reborn with a lot of opportunities to create a tolerant coexistence and a new paradigm of life, beyond mistrust, pride or arrogance.
The human being is capable of the worst behavior, but also the best acts of love. And I believe in this. Therefore, I printed out my favourite sentence in my mugs, just beside my logo. And I hope everytime you drink, it may give you the best vibes ever.
Be a believer, my friend!

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