The melody of life (Book)

Two years ago, the bad contract that tied me to the publishing house with which I edited my book “The Melody of Life” ended. For the reason that they owed money to a lot of people my book stood unfortunately in limbo until then, along with some lectures and presentations that were scheduled.
Last year due to a restructuring of my music projects and a change of personal dwelling, I couldn’t do anything with all this thing. But this year, I’ve had time enough to rewrite some parts, rearrange content and give the book a more modern meaning.
Also, I can finally take it out of the self-help section where it lived beside Paulo Coelho, Rondha Byrne and other pseudo-messianic books and fit it into the most proper section about spiritual psychology, which is what it really is about. Beside with Wayne Dyer, Dario Lostado, and similar.
It’s an old book, but it is a new too. Updated and adapted to current times. 300 pages of knowledge, years of study and experiences that will surely change the lives of more than one person, without any doubt.
And finally, it’s a book that does not come alone. In next months, I will edit two more books! First; an annex to this one with certain practical points, and second; my first “fiction” novel that will surprise you very, very much.
By now, it will be in spanish language only. But I hope to save some time to translate to english very soon.
I leave here a link to Amazon. In the next days I will tell you more about all this thing.


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