Pennsylvania lights

Well, well…. we already have the new single released out worldwide in all digital platforms. For first time in 30 years recording music (Gosh! I’m starting to be a really old man πŸ˜…) I decided not to edit my music in CD, Vinyl or any other kind of material stuff. It will be online only. In every single place on the planet where you can listen it, but online only.
Times are changing, and the world is not anymore as we knew some years ago. People choose, and people don’t want to waste money in CD’s or any other kind of stuff with music.
Even in the live shows (the only way that remained a good place to sell music in the last years) people ask about your Spotify channel, or iTunes; and they prefer to buy song by song from the online platforms. OK, I understand the message.
Maybe I’ll do some kind of very limited edition in the future with all my new music; but from now on, most of all it will be an online release. We’re going into the future!!!
PENNSYLVANIA LIGHTS is my new loved song. I really love this tune. I really enjoyed writing, recording and producing this song. How I told in my past post, Is a wonderful song full of good vibes, hope and brilliant feeelings about this beautiful place called Pennsylvania. I think it collects the best representation of beauty in the United States. All the best things you can find in the land of hopes and dreams, it will be too in Pennsylvania, for sure. I love this place!
Hoping you enjoy with this new song, I wait to see you soon in the next gig.

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