The cat and the nightingale

I had a cat some years ago. Believe if I say to you that he was the most kind being in the universe ever. Whichever who tells that cats are a bad or cheat beings, they never had the luck to know my beloved little friend.
He died 21th October 2012. And it was a very, very sad day. I really loved him as a member of my own family. Maybe more. 18 years beside me was a lot of time to know each other and to learn respect us between two very introspective and no much social beings. But both, with a bright soul and good feelings we knew how to respect each other spot.
I think a lot of him often. But I think even more lately. Now that we are living in a kind of global social semi-jail.
I don’t like TV. I haven’t one, actually. And I used to sit down in an old sofa to listen buddhist mantras or some Springsteen’s cd for hours and read some of my favorite books or work writing some kind of journalist article in my laptop.
He was always there. Quiet. Wise. Immune to the uncosy world that is always outside there.
My good friend Mike, producer of most of my albums, he used to say that he had heard so many mantras and he breathed so incense, that he was turned into a kind of cat-buddha. And he was not wrong as a matter of fact.
Even my girlfriend, who was not definitly a cat lover, she felt good and very cosy together. He truly was an exceptional being.
If for some reason I opened the door, he used to be there just in the same line never trespassing whatever happened. I could left the living room and go inside for something; he never left the house.
Just like him, all we are this days in the same line of the door and staying home without think for a minute to left our houses. That’s the power of an invisible virus salad with some politics.
But you wanna know what’s more powerful than this salad? You can believe or not, of course. I don’t care anyway. It was a real and measurable experience in presence of my girlfriend and me.
I have a lot of interesting anecdotes with him. As some days after his death and a really mysterious coincidence with my beliefs about signs of our beloved ones and the nightingales. That was a chilling situation actually.
I meditated for several days following an old spiritual tradition in which a daily candle should be lit for ten days to guide the path of our dead loved ones. After ten long rainy days; the last day I asked him in a meditation for a kind of signal to tell me that he was OK and he was in a new good real place.
And well… that’s the point when miracles happen! I knew that in some ancient traditions the nightingales are the messenger of souls. But I never expected how truly it was going to be, actually.
We lived then in a high floor where never, never, never, in 6 years any little bird stopped there, not even for coincidence. I can swear you. Never.
That day. Just that day precise. Disturbing my logical mind and esoteric zero; a nightingale came and flutter our balcony for several minutes. Even I had time to call my girlfriend to see the amazing exposure.
Finally, he stopped for some seconds in the window; sang and fly away to the sky.
Next day, I took my guitar and I wrote my song “Where is the sun?” inspired by the ten days of rain and the astonishing spiritual experience we lived that day.
Well, I’m not an enlightened one or something like this. I have never experienced anything like this ever again. And we never saw another bird there after this.
What I could say? No one will convice me that it was not a kind of message from my beloved, ascended, and kind buda-cat. Is etched in my memory like it was yesterday. And I still shudder remembering.
This days, when our world it seems going to the most deepest hell, these memory brings me peace, hope and faith. And therefore I would want to share with you today sincerely. Hoping it brings you hope. And hoping all nightingales from Universe come and protect us with his lovely wings.

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