That’s the name of my new song. A song full of good vibes and hope based in a relationship through the laptop.
I wrote “Tonight” in the middle of this madness we’re living lately. The global pandemic has changed our way to relate each others. And I read somewhere that all this apps about meeting people it increase a lot in the last months.
I tooke my guitar and I wrote an story about a perfect relationship born between bits and flashes. Just like a kind of ray of light to all theses ones who see how all the ordinary days they were put down to a merely memory. An echo of better days when we were free to talk and know new people in (now closed) pubs.
Well,  I’ve always thought that it’s an strange way to find love. But, who knows? Maybe behind the screen there’s a wonderful soul waiting to be discovered and loved sincerely.
If I learned something with all this crazy situation is that you can never say never. And if you feel that a virtual love is good for you. Who I am to say it’s not a killer-cool thing?
Anyway. Here’s my new clip, and a beautiful story which you can relate with yourself. Thanks for being part of my tribe. Thanks for being a believer!!!

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