New song released 2021

Hi there believers! I’m so excited to announce that my new song “Tonight” it will be available next 28th February in all digital stores worldwide.
Tonight it’s a really beautiful ballad in the most genuine american style. It follows a kind of line sound very similar to AOR & southern rock style. I’m feel proud of this production ’cause it is really, really, the kind of sound and style I was following for a long time and in which I want to work in the future.
Working hard with my producer Mike, the great Alex recording voices; my great mate Xavi in lead guitars and the extraordinary voice of Maria Moss & Txus Cano in second vocals we finally have a brilliant song. It haves nothing to envy to the most greatest major label productions. But we’ve worked totally free in our decisions,and with our own rules. Just that’s the way I like it!
In some days we will release the clip. By now, you can taste a little bit of it in this promotional video below ⬇
Enjoy it!

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