Time to come back

After a lot of time, next Sunday I’ll play again with all the band. We perfomed several discontinued gigs in the last two years. Interrupted by the uncosy restrains and lockdowns. But except for a couple of version gigs, it was in small stages and acoustic format.
Therefore is so excited to announce that this show it will be in a medium-large stage and with all five of us in the stage. We’ll leave to rest the acoustic instruments for a day and it will be a rock-electric show just like in the old times. Great, isn’t it?
We’ll play in our area, of course. No big plans can be made yet. But I think it will be an step above to restart the machinery and come back to the road in the next months. I’m counting the days to see you again all around. And I hope it will be really soon. Pray for this.
Meanwhile, I plan to make the most every minute of this gig.
If there’s something that finally I understood with this pandemic shit, is that every single moment of your life is a moment that will never return. And it’s our universal duty squeeze until the last drop of this juice named life. And help with all our strenght to build a better place on earth for everyone.
Thanks a lot for being part of this. Thanks a lot for being a believer!

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