The frame that changed my life

I started thinking to write my song Circles of fire in 2018. And it was just in this right place. Valentia. An amazing island with a wonderful circular hike in the west side of Kerry; Ireland.
Loneliness and silence all around that landscape. And a kind of spiritual feeling, it made growed in me a shy melody which carried on rounding in my head for the next 2 years. Till the pandemic and all that crazy days we lived in our pained world it made the rest.
New lines of words and melody were shaping the song until I found the very real meaning I was searching for long time. Even if I wrote some other songs in that time, Circles of fire was permanently calling me for all that time. As a whisper in my soul…
We worked with Mike,Β Xavi and the others in the song one year more. Searching for perfect guitars, and ambience. And finally I had the luck to produce and record the song for my new album in this early 2022.
As a kind of prophecy, so many things in my life has happened this year related with this song. Hard to believe, but real as the own world.
Anyway…Someone told me once that my music has some kind of directly conection with the universe. And therefore, all this strange events are something daily in my music. Is not the first time. It will be no the last neither, for sure.
I don’t know, actually. But the real thing is; everytime I see this picture I remember that day and all the emotional vibes I felt then. Prophecy or not, my whole life changed that day when I swore to write the best song in the world…
Meanwhile, I’m waiting to come back to my favourite place in the universe. The frame that changed my life in a circle of fire. And give it regards from all my loved ones who live forever in it irish heritage.
Be rock! Be resistance! Being a believer!Β πŸŽΈπŸ“ΏπŸ™

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