Serenade for a dawn

I was so lucky that my friend and renowned musician Jorge G. Banegas, he invited me to create an story for his new composition, writing the words for a brilliant progressive rock’s song, sung by the great vocalist Luis Rod.
Well, I use to write songs and words for other musicians often, but this time is so very special. Jorge is a good friend of mine, and he’s too a very renowned musician in Spain and his own country; Uruguay.
Jorge was keyboardist and founder of a very famous band in Spain, named ASFALTO. They were a progressive rock band who in the eighties reach the pole position in the spanish top lists.
He was talking to me about his new project, and he told me about his intention to focus his new work in english language. So, when he asked me to write the lyrics for this new song, I didn’t hesitate saying yes!
As soon as I heard the song, I knew that I should focus this lyrics in a symbolic story and with a powerful lyrical and spiritual load. I was clearly inspired by the sound, which remembered me the best days of Genesis, Alan Parsons and Rush. With a brilliant song like that, it was not complicated to write a great story.
I tried to catch just the instant when you reach a personal growth in the middle of an awkward situation. A moment when you should to feel down for blame of circumstances and the threats of a hostile world, but you choose to feel the magic of your own soul, and you decide to merge with the universe and accept his spiritual protection. An story, curiously, accurately enough according with the days we are currently living.
Serenade for a dawn, was born! And I’m proud to present it to you here. And happy to be part of new Jorge‘s project. I predict to him a very successful way with his experience in english.

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