Magic in the desert

All this… insanity, that we are living this days in our beloved world because of this virus it has to us all isolated and confined in a kind of forced retreat. Just as we would a kind of monks. But insteed of be by ourself in a lonely cottage lost in himalayas, we are confined in our houses in a semi-freedom regime where we must to remain indoors and leave our spot for priority needs only.
I don’t wanna here, talk about in which way all governments from all around the world have come to doing it so bad. We could have avoided this social prison if we had taken adequate hygiene and control measures on cue. Anyway… that’s not my point today.
When you have enough time to think and meditate, your perspective about things changes. And I remember so clearly that Wayne Dyers quote that says: When you change the way you look the things, the things you look at change.
The reality is; we’re confined in a kind of semi-dictatorial retreat when the most great tyran is an invisible little one who uses the fear to control those who control us. And even ourselves too.
We are in the middle of a desert. Without any place to go, any place to see, and any idea what we would do in the future with our interrupted lives.
But in spite of the fact that we are lost in a huge emptyness, there’s some kind of magical thing in all this crazy situation.
I remember when we were taking the Move to west pics in a real, dusty and desolate desert. Surrounded by nothing, with the threat that any kind of storm and the sudden dusk that comes in any moment releasing the creatures of the night. I closed my eyes and I was curiously possessed for an strange feeling of security and calm coming from the same place. Just as if I knew that I was part of the desert from that moment, and everything it will be OK.
The locals use to talk about the “magic in the desert“, and I have no doubt there’s a kind of truth in. When you lay your fate in a sort of providence or superior guide, all your steps are well cared for.
Look around you now. According the most recent news, 50% pollution has fallen worldwide for the non-interference of mankind. Some wildlife is daring to walk into some cities, and even in Venice dolphins and swans are retuning to swimp in canals. Solidarity is more strong than ever, and for the first time in our recent times, the rules are so vulnerable like the rest of us.
If for a minute we can stop our selfish hearts, close our eyes and let us guide for this presence, we could to build a better, healthy and resilient future for everyone. We should make the most of this opportunity to find our own magic in the middle of the desert.
Best wishes

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