Missing you

It seems that this year I’m more active than ever. Last week I was in the studio recording a new song. And this time is a very special song that you’ll recognise for sure.
I like to play Missing You from the great brit man John Waite in all my shows. For no reason in particular, years ago I learned to play it in guitar, bass and piano. And for no reason in particular is one of my favorites songs ever. There’s a bunch of fan videos playing around social media where you can listen me playing this song live.
Just like we did with the lovely Wonderful Life from the great Colin Vearncombe, we worked hard to hold the same essence but trying to reach a personal american sound in the song. More raw, warm and with a touch of southern feeling.
In contrast with Colin’s song, this time there’s not a personal story to tell about. I’ve never meet Mr. Waite. and I’ve never had any kind of friendship with him. But I admire a lot his work and talent anyway.
Well, besides… you know me, I love to kidnap pop songs and turn it around until I find a way to make it sound rock and USA. Someone in a radio station told me that I have the skill to make my song covers play alike but totally different. Well, I think is important to me to keep the balance with original essence after all.
Finally, I want to say that if you’re reading this you’re lucky. ‘Cause I did not said single word on social sites about this new song. Is a premiere announcement for real fans only. For those who come and visit my site and are part of the tribe here. In my own very personal spot.
In a few weeks, the track it will be available in all platforms and streaming worldwide. I hope do you love it, and I hope Mr. Waite do it too. We done with all our respect and admiration.
Until then, you can enjoy my last song Rush to be wild, or any of my other ones, and support my work. It will be very much appreciated. See you soon. I’ll be missing you a lot, believer.
Be rock! Be resistance! Be a believer! πŸŽΈπŸ“ΏπŸ™

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