Already playing!

Well well. I’m happy with this! Prepare to be amazed my friends. Because my new song is already running on!
I’m excited to announce the release of my new single, hoping it will rock your world in 2023. And this is because it’s not a simple song like any other. This eighties anthem is just any song. As I told you in my previous post, this piece is a cover of an iconic 80’s hit that I’m sure will transport you back in time.
I have no doubt that it will be a wave of nostalgia as you listen to this rockin’ rendition of this cool eighties song. The classic catchy melodies that John Waite wrote, but with my particular touch of american Heartland Rock on it.
Drawing inspiration from the warm sound of American rock, as usual, I’ve poured my heart and soul into crafting this track. I truly believe is not just another cover song from the eighties. Rather it’s a rethinked tune that will make you remember why you fell in love with rock.
I mean, you know me. I’m not much friendly with covers songs. We recorded Colin’s Wonderful Life in 2016 and we decided not include a new cover song in my albums until now. The only exception are the live shows, where we enjoy giving you a bunch oh it, anyway. And that’s why this song is so special. ‘Cause is not a senseless decision. I really thought it was time to do it.
So, prepare yourself for an unforgettable musical journey as I pour my heart and soul into every note and lyric. This Missing You is a testament to my love for music and my dedication to creating something truly special for you. Something with a real meaning.
Get ready to sing belt out and move your feet like never before. It’s time to rediscover the greatness of that unforgettable eighties song meeting itself with the touch of Heartland Rock sound. And yeah! Stay tuned for more updates ’cause we already working in to bring you a 2024 of real rock. We need more than ever!
Be rock! Be resistance! Be a believer! πŸŽΈπŸ“ΏπŸ™

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