Dublin. A place to belong

Everytime I have the chance, I love to hang around by Dublin streets. The land of my olders is relatively near in comparison with other european cities. And you can fly there from Barcelona for no much money if you know how to search in the web.
Once there, you could choose to visit your family (like in my case) or to stay in a B&B. I can guarantee that aΒ  lot of them they have nothing to envy any hotel. And the hospitable and friendly Irish character is a good reason to choose this low-priced option. You’ll feel in home there.
Dublin is first of all, a multicultural “little” city. Where you can find a lot of things that you’ll never find in big european capitals. This is ’cause the Irish are people who consider their land as an expanse of their own life, mood and personality. And believe me, they don’t like rush.
Therefore, the mix between the most remarkable modernity and the most ingrained traditions they live together in a kind of harmony that reaches it most great meaning when falls the night.
There’s no other country in the world where you can see live music in every corner, in every pub every single day of year.
And just precisely their tie with the irish way of life, is why nightclubs not like them very much. Ireland is forever and ever, the Pub’s land; the traditional celtic music capital; and the place where you can go all alone and finish your night having a lot of new good friends.
My personal recommendation is to flee from the famous pubs and discover that small places hidden in some narrow alley. You’ll find the real and honest Dublin there for sure. I promise you’ll not be disappointed.
At the next day, lose your steps walking for the city. Every corner it will have an ancient and exciting story to be discovered. Just as the old Bonavox shop (I’m here up at the pic) of which Bono, (from U2) took inspiration for his nickname.
I’m particularly in love with Powerscourt Townhouse Centre, and it’s one of my favorites places to waste a quiet afternoon. Anyway; if you want to know more about remarkable touristic places, you have a lot of city guides in internet. This page is merely a musician’s blog, my friend 😜

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