A good friend of mine

I would want to introduce you a good friend of mine. He’s a great singer and writer with an interesting career as a musician.
It’s unusual to find this kind of musicians where I live, actually. Musicians with this influence of Americana music style, country rock, and Heartland folk/rock they’re a minority in this area, and when I have the luck knowing someone who plays this style I like to listen their albums an try to promote his music too.
Anyway, notice that in the States there’s a lot of singers and players who play this music, but not here. And it’s refreshing to have the great experience to set up friendship and a kind of community with them.
Maurice Gene, haves a lot of skills. Singing, playing and performing in the stage. His lyrics are emotional and with a lot of sense.
In his album GOLDEN DAYS, we discover a mature composer, with a lot of things to say, with a lot of experiences to share with us.
Highly remarkable his song “New york streets” and absolutely perfect melodies in “Golden days” and “Concrete towers“: In the streets of the sweet old world, Big tall towers on a dusty ground, long dark shadows growin’ all at once ’til goats turn back gazes all for one
Oh yes man, that’s brilliant!


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