Happy New Year 2022

All my best thoughts for this new 2022! Happy and wonderful change of cycle about this giant and roundend ball of rock travelling in the middle of space day after day. She never stops. Why we sould do us?
Even  now, when we’re just one more time in restrains for blame of the tedious nowadays topic, and with no gigs again. Even with no chance to feel the warm of all the people singing the same song born from the deepest soul. I’m still writing music and I mantain the strong belief that a better world is possible with the only thing which is common for everybody in this world. With no distinction of color skin, gender, beliefs, kind or social stratification. Music! Pure equality and honesty.
Keep the faith in your own strenght and personal power. Save some little spot for your spirituality. And especially, work hard everyday to reach your dreams, and building a better world to all. Happy NEW YEAR 2022!!!
Be rock! Be resistance! Be a believer
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