Philadelphia lights

A few days ago I read in newspaper thats Starting April 1, some of Philadelphia’s most iconic skyscrapers will turn of their lights to help prevent birds from flying into buildings under lights out Philly. That’s a new program started in spring 2021.And is great to see how this iconic place famous for its beautiful lights is doing its part with this temporary lighting restriction to build a better future for our planet. Pennsylvania lights are now more beautiful than ever.
As a man who is really involved and interested about a peaceful life for all in a sustainable world it makes me happy to read something like this.
My spiritual beliefs and my concern for a better world it finds some relief in such a thing. And makes me think that not all the work that people like you and me make do is a waste of time. In some place there’s still a kind of God with good intentions trying to do the best. Well, at least I want to belive this.
Anyway; this announcement It makes me feel proud that I wrote my song Pennsylvania lights as tribute to this beautiful state, its cities, their people and the wonderful lights which always captived me. Thanks a lot Phillies!!! You’re great!!!
Be rock! Be resistance! Be a believer! πŸŽΈπŸ“ΏπŸ™

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